Zippity Zoo Da!

Taking photos at the Zoo can be relaxing while providing some challenges. Here are a few tips to consider. 

Know the Zoo Rules: Before you arrive, find out the rules. For instance, you cannot use any KC Zoo photos for commercial purposes.

While there, don’t block paths or expect people to stop because you want to take a photo.  

Identify a Point of Interest: What about the animal interests you?
Be sure to approach your shot to take advantage of your point of interest.

Radi is one of my favorite subjects. What interests me about him is his attitude.


Manage Distracting Elements:

A good first option is to shoot from angles that have natural looking elements around the animal.

If you can’t avoid the distracting elements, try using wide apertures, a telephoto lens, and a tight focus on the animal. This will tend to defocus bars or other barriers between you and the animal

A third option is to use the distracting element as part of your composition. I like the way the barriers in this shot convey a sense of passage. 



Focus on the Eyes:

When you get the eyes in focus in a prominent place in your photo, it creates a better connection between your subject and the viewer. I had a difficult time looking away from the tiger’s eyes. 



Watch for Antics:

Animals sometimes do funny things. Be on the lookout for those. For some reason the koala reminded me of a rock star intently focused on his performance. 

If you haven’t been to the Zoo recently, consider adding it to your list. 

P.S. You get bonus points if you can name the song that this post title used for a play on words. 

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