Being Little

Try to imagine being so little that a leaf seems huge to you.

Your feet tingle at the sensation of the smooth, cool surface.

You marvel at the intricate veins i the leaf.

The wind gently moves the leaf. It’s your own personal roller coaster ride. 


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Pig Smarts

Did you know that the only animals smarter than pigs are apes and dolphins?

Tell me how this photo demonstrates pig smarts.

Does putting its feet in the food bowl keep others away or does it hold the bowl in place to make it easier to chow down without the bowl moving around?


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Restricted Diet

Koalas only eat eucalyptus leaves.

That’s what I call a restricted diet!

Can you imagine only eating one type of food?

If you could eat only one type of food the rest of your life, what would you pick to eat?


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Need a Hug

There is something magical about a hug.

It is soothing to both the giver and receiver.

Look at How Masika sweetly hugs her mom.

My wish for you is that, when you need a hug, someone is there to give you that hug. 


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