Feel Free to Chime-in

Some people call wind chimes “chance-based music” since the sound comes from the random effect of wind blowing.


Small ones create a fairly high-pitched tinkling sound.

Large ones such as those in my photo provide a rich deep sound.

It was nearly sensory overload for me as I took the photo.

The view through the lens delighted my eyes.

The deep chime sound soothed my ears.

If that weren’t enough, wind gently blew my hair and caressed my skin.

For a time, my worries were far from my thoughts.

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Lost My Marbles

Sometimes, I feel like I’ve lost my marbles.

Then again, sometimes my marbles are right there in front of me.

At least, that’s the message I got through my lens. 


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Crazy for Recycling

recycle-cycleIf you aren’t already crazy for recycling, this “recycle cycle” might convince you.

It was an interactive display at the local zoo. You could borrow a stick from the bucket and bang on the junk items for fun.

This photo was not for artistic expression. I simply wanted to capture a fun subject.

There was no way my words could describe it sufficiently, but the picture said it all. 

See imagesbyvandyne on etsy.com for more photos.