Bridge Perspective

It’s fun to look at bridges from different perspectives. This gave me the sensation of looking off into the distance and imaging the possibilities. What does the future hold? 


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Ride the River

This scene reminded me of the J.J. Cale song, “Ride the River.”

Floatin’ down that old river, boy 

All my worries far behind 

Floatin’ down that old river, boy 

Leave old memories way behind 

Yesterday is slowly fadin’ 

All my life I’ve been waitin’ 

For this time. 


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Tree Sculpture

Have you ever looked up at the clouds and seen shapes?

For me, nature is a form of art.

As with other forms of art, we see different things when we look at them.

To me, this tree looks like an elephant.

My Aunt Pam sees a buzzard.

What do you see when you look at this tree? 


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Low-Traffic Bridge

I’m fascinated with bridges of all shapes and sizes.

What I like about this one is the sound of my feet on the wooden slats, the trees all around me creating interesting shadows, and the low-traffic providing me with some quiet time. 


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Waterfall Delights the Senses

I’ve always liked the way a photo can capture a waterfall.

I look at this and remember the sound of the water splashing, the sight of the sunlight dancing off the water droplets, and the smell of the damp rock.

Waterfalls delight my senses.

For a bonus, I got to see a charming sculpture of a boy sitting on the rock.

Overall, this was a pleasant photo outing. 


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Ready for Spring

What would it be like to be a tree and know that’s it’s time for Spring?

What if we sprouted new leaves every Spring?

If you sprout some new leaves, let me know. I’d like to get a photo of that. 


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Super Moon

With this much illumination, you might think this is a photo of the sun.

When a full moon is at the point in its elliptical orbit so that it is closest to earth, we call it a SUPER moon.

Because it is 17,000 miles closer to Earth than usual, it appears much larger.

Naturally, I couldn’t pass up this photo opportunity, especially since I got this view from my own backyard. 


Why I Enjoy Landscape Photography

by Malinda VanDyne

What about landscapes draws you to them?

Is it difficult to overcome the urge to kick off your shoes and run across a field of blooming clover? Does the sunlight dancing on a pool of water captivate you so much that you begin to walk toward it? I admit to thoughts like those.

Rather than lose control of the situation, I let my camera be my intermediary. If I can visually capture nature calling me, I not only avoid possible embarrassment, I create a means to relive the memory.


For instance, something about this curved waterfall mesmerized me. It was a challenge to my self-control to not dive into the water. My camera saved me. As I look at the ropey strands of water in the photo, my mind returns to the experience of gazing at the waterfall



Can you imagine the sensation of touching a fuzzy plant? That’s what my camera allowed me to do with this plant from a distance. Now, I have a memory to revisit with the bonus of knowing I did not damage the plant by touching it. 

This is why I enjoy landscape photography. I can appreciate nature without being intrusive. My reward is an assortment of photos that let me repeatedly enjoy nature. 

Faux Mushrooms

For some reason, there are many strange growths on the trees in this little forest. At first glance, I thought these were mushrooms. Upon looking again, I think they are a type of tree growth.