Camel Rider

This woman is showing us how to ride a camel the safe way.

Notice the handrails. When there’s a bumpy ride, those are helpful.

It’s a long drop if you fall out of the saddle. Prevention is key.

Seeing this through my lens almost convinced me to take a camel ride myself. 


Wide-eye Wonder

baby-bright-eyed-wonderAs I saw this expression of wide-eyed wonder through my lens, I felt deep admiration for the baby.

Our world can seem drab and draining at times.

Moments like these remind me to seek those moments of wonder. 

Laughter is Good for the Soul

I enjoy capturing an occasional portrait in black and white.

For me, it places the focus on the emotion of the person while the remainder of what’s in the photo doesn’t detract.

Sometimes, it’s clear to me that the color in the photo doesn’t add to the emotion I’m trying to capture. 


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