Kids Do the Craziest Things

Human children aren’t the only ones to do crazy things.

Masika has entered her climbing phase.

Although she is limber and adventurous, she hasn’t yet learned how to judge whether an object can hold her weight.

Mom, Makari, is highly amused with her crazy antics. 


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Fine Art of Complaining

Have you ever thought about the way you complain? Are there things you can do to get your point across more effectively? Here are a couple of tips.

  1. Know what you want to achieve. It does not help to complain without an idea of what would be a satisfactory solution to the issue.
  2. Be polite. Rudeness will not help you communicate clearly.


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Bird Bobbing

I’m unsure why, but this makes me think of the “bobbing for apples” we used to do as children.

I never could figure out the reason we did it.

We looked even sillier than these swan look. 


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Yellow Swallowtail

This appears to be an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail; however, it doesn’t have stripes like the ones I’ve seen in books.

If you are a butterfly expert, let me know.

Is this a different type of butterfly or just an odd member of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail family?


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Rock Climber

When you think of those who would make good rock climbers, you probably think of mountain goats or people.

It had never occurred to me that my camera might spot an elephant trying to be a rock climber. 


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Relax with a Sponge

Why is it relaxing to look at an underwater scene with fish and sponges?

I’ve only been able to observe this through a sheet of glass.

I wonder how amazing it would be to take my camera underwater to get the full experience.

Have you explored underwater habitats? 


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Sometimes we get confused by what others do.

In this case, a young female gorilla was fascinated with the nesting materials that a mother gorilla was using.

She snatched a piece of the material for herself but was confused about the best way to use it. 


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Giraffe Cat

This is an African Serval.

Its nickname is Giraffe Cat because their neck and legs are extra-long.

Their ears are also disproportionately large.

If people had ears in the same proportion, they would be as big dinner plates.

No thank you. I like mine the size they are. How about you?

This Serval appears to be complaining about something.

Perhaps people are making fun of its oddly-sized body parts. 


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I Can Already Taste It

When you are hungry and you see or smell something to eat,

your sense of taste may convince you that you can already taste it.

That seems to be happening here.


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