Superpower: Zebra Longwing

I’m fascinated with stories of how people or animals get superpowers.

The caterpillars of the Zebra Longwing eat the leaves of the passionflower vine which contain toxins.

From that, the adult butterflies become poisonous to predators.

It’s like an insect superpower! 


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Can’t Stop Dancing

Where is John Travolta when you need him?

I’m working on my dance moves, and somehow, disco seems to be my style.

I challenge him to a dance-off.

I just can’t stop dancing, yeah! 


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Smell of a Nap

Breathe in the earthy smell of fallen, crisp leaves. Doesn’t that put you in the mood for a nap?

Falling leaves that lie scattered on the ground

The birds and flowers that were here now can’t be found

All his friends that he once had are not around 

They are scattered like the leaves upon the ground. 


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Living on the Edge

Do you admire people who live on the edge or do you think they have issues?

Living on the edge increases both the level of excitement and danger.

Would you rather live a shorter life filled with excitement or a longer life that is predictable and routine? 


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Bird Brain

When we call someone a bird brain, we mean that they lack intelligence.

The accuracy of that statement depends on the type of bird.

An African Gray Parrot has reasoning capability equivalent to a 4-year-old human child. 


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