Barrel of Fun

For his birthday, Nikita got a toy barrel.

He wondered how fun it might be to play with it under water.

To his surprise, when he tried to push it underwater, it flew back up out of the water.

What a barrel of fun!

polar-bear-barrel-fun1  polar-bear-barrel-fun2tiff

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I’m So Bored

Have you ever had one of those days when there is absolutely nothing that interests you?

What do you do when you are bored? 

  • Do you take a nap?
  • Do you binge watch TV?
  • Do you close your eyes and stick out your tongue?


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Glug, Glug

Nikita is a skillful diver

He requires no scuba gear, though the bubbles make it seem as though he has it hidden somewhere.

Are you that comfortable in the water? 


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Power Nap

According to the National Sleep Foundation, naps can be beneficial, though napping does not work for all people.

Have you tried napping?

Usually, naps are most beneficial if you take them in the early to middle afternoon.

The ideal length appears to be about 20 minutes.

Naps can make you more alert, reduce mistakes, and improve mood.


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Christmas Wish = Snow

Maybe it’s a lot to ask, but for Christmas I want a big pile of snow.

Although I am thankful for my nice swimming pool and the fish they feed me here, I keep dreaming of a never-ending expanse of snow. 


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