Sushi Makes Me Smile

Sushi is not a popular dish in my family.

After my camera saw how it makes this polar bear smile, it made me want to give sushi another try. 


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It’s Always Pool Time

For Nikita, the Polar Bear, it’s always pool time.

I have a theory about why he likes swimming.

I think the buoyancy of the water melts away any stress he has.

There’s something about feeling lighter that is relaxing. 


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Stir Up Trouble

Why do people try to stir up trouble when they don’t even have a spoon?

Stirring things up with a carrot seems extreme.

At least we can give our friend credit for her creativity. 


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Water Aerobics

Aquatic exercise uses the natural buoyancy and resistance of water to provide a safe, full-body workout.

Sometimes, I wonder if the inspiration for water aerobics came from watching animals.

I wish I could have been underwater with a waterproof camera, but I had to take this photo through a glass wall. 


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Diving for Carrots

Getting a photo through a glass wall has its challenges, but this scene fascinated me.

Apparently, the zoo keepers wanted to make things interesting by putting carrots under water for the polar bear to retrieve.

How are carrots part of a polar bear diet?


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