Hidden Snack

Sometimes, you want a snack, but you don’t want anyone to know you’re having the snack.

Why are you making it a Hidden Snack?

  • It’s the last snack in the cupboard and you don’t want to share. 
  • You’re supposed to be on a diet and you don’t want anyone to see you eating a forbidden item.
  • A few minutes ago, you bragged to a friend about your healthy eating and this item is not healthy.
  • There’s a big project you need to work on and you don’t want your boss to see you snacking instead of working.

There certainly are many excuses for having a Hidden Snack.


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What Are You Designed to Eat?

The Julia Heliconian, unlike other butterflies, feeds on pollen.

Have you ever wondered what God designed you to eat?

We are each unique in many ways, including what our body digests properly.

I’m guessing He didn’t design your body to eat processed food whose ingredient list contains more chemicals than it does actual food.

I wish He had designed me to thrive on potato chips, but all indications are against that wish. 


See imagesbyvandyne on etsy.com for more photos.