It’s interesting to look through my camera lens and see animals grooming.

I think about how fortunate humans are to have tools such as brushes and combs. 


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Bat-Eared Fox

I’m guessing you can see why we call him a Bat-Eared Fox.

Those enormous ears enable him to hear insects underground.

He thinks they are tasty, especially termites.

Would you enjoy being able to hear that well? 


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Happy Look

What is your facial expression when you are happ?

Most of us smile.

Instead of a smile, Radi sticks out his bottom lip and tongue.

At first, I thought he was pouting, but I discovered this is his happy look.


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Sand Bath

When you think of a bath, you probably think of sitting in water or perhaps mud.

This is the first time my camera spotted someone taking a sand bath.

It appears that the sand removes anything stuck in his coat.

I’m sure he wants to be as sleek and smooth as he can so he can swim faster. 


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Sit in the Corner

Did your parents ever make you sit in a corner for misbehaving?

This orangutan seems to be using the corner as a place for a nap.

Maybe corners aren’t always a bad thing. 


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Thoughts on Doves

Why does the Bible picture the Holy Spirit as a dove? Here are a couple of possible reasons. 

  • Doves are gentle (Mat 10.16). The Holy Spirit won’t force Himself upon you. You must be willing (Acts 2:38).
  • Doves are a symbol of peace. The dove brought the olive leaf back in her mouth to let Noah know the waters had subsided (Gen 8:10-11). Whenever the Holy Spirit comes into a person’s heart, the heart is at peace with God (Rom 14:17).


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Regal Turtle

Even with a shell on his back, he manages to appear quite regal.

To me, it’s an imperious look.

He appears to be saying, “If you want to call me King, I’m good with that.” 


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Lock Picker

This was a fun thing to capture with my camera.

Our orangutan friend does not appreciate being locked inside.

He appears to have made himself a lock-picking tool.

It didn’t work to open the door while I observed, though I suspect he continued to experiment.


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