Soothing Waterfall

Admittedly, Missouri waterfalls aren’t as spectacular as those in Colorado or Oregon.

Consider that a small, gentle waterfall can be soothing.

Looking at this photo, can you imagine the soothing sound of water rushing over the rocks and lightly splashing.

Next, imagine the smell of fresh air and the feel of the mist rising up greet your face.

When it comes to waterfalls, bigger isn’t always better.


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Kansas Waterfall

When you think of waterfalls, I bet you don’t think of Kansas.

Take a look at this Kansas waterfall.

It did have a little human help, but I think it counts. 


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Waterfall Delights the Senses

I’ve always liked the way a photo can capture a waterfall.

I look at this and remember the sound of the water splashing, the sight of the sunlight dancing off the water droplets, and the smell of the damp rock.

Waterfalls delight my senses.

For a bonus, I got to see a charming sculpture of a boy sitting on the rock.

Overall, this was a pleasant photo outing. 


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