Regal Turtle

Even with a shell on his back, he manages to appear quite regal.

To me, it’s an imperious look.

He appears to be saying, “If you want to call me King, I’m good with that.” 


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Share Your Space

Do you enjoy sharing your space?

What is good about sharing your space?

What are some disadvantages to sharing your space?

Are you more like the turtle or fish when you share your space?


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In the Weeds

If you are deep “in the weeds,” it means either you are overwhelmed with difficulties or you are preoccupied with the details or complexities of something.

Although I could use a break from being deep in the weeds, my turtle friend seems to enjoy it.


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Talk or Face-Off?

My favorite type of photography involves nature, especially animals.

Somehow, animal behavior reminds me of relationships with people.

What these two photos make me think =

Sometimes, you are in the mood to talk, Other times, words don’t solve the problem.

This is what we call a “face off.” 



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