It’s interesting to look through my camera lens and see animals grooming.

I think about how fortunate humans are to have tools such as brushes and combs. 


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Fine Art of Complaining

Have you ever thought about the way you complain? Are there things you can do to get your point across more effectively? Here are a couple of tips.

  1. Know what you want to achieve. It does not help to complain without an idea of what would be a satisfactory solution to the issue.
  2. Be polite. Rudeness will not help you communicate clearly.


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Pondering Tiger

I’ve been wondering a lot. 

Trying to think of a plot. 

Do I really need on though?

Maybe I’ll just come and go. 

To ponder may be all I’ve got.

-Dennis Meeker (The Pondering Plot) 


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What is the Meaning of a Yawn?

With humans, a yawn is likely an indication of being tired or bored.

With tigers, it could also mean they are hungry and deciding if it’s time to look for something tasty. 


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Tiger Contest

I was able to capture what appeared to be a shouting contest between two tigers.

It was fascinating that they weren’t yelling at one another. 


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I Can Almost Taste It

When you smell a meal that someone is preparing, do you begin to imagine what it will taste like?

This photo suggests that our tiger friend is imagining a tasty meal. 


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