In the Groove

Why does this snake try to stay in the grooves between the blocks in the wall?

Does the support of the sides help him move?

Why did he try to climb up the wall?

He ended up coming back down to his original track almost immediately.

It seems like wasted effort.

Of course, it was a nice photo opportunity for me.



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Rhino Snake

How do you think the Rhinoceros Rat Snake got its name?

Does the nose look like a rhino horn?

The “rat” part of the name is because it likes to eat rodents.

It lives in the rainforests of northern Vietnam.

If you happen upon one, don’t worry, they are generally calm and rarely strike at anything but rodents or birds.

Even if it confuses you for a rat, it is nonvenomous. 



Although people call this an albino Burmese python, technically it has a condition called amelanism.

That means it lacks some pigments.

A true albino animal has no pigments; however, these snakes still have their yellow pigment.

What they lack is their black pigment. 


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