Tongue Challenge

I have many admirable qualities.

  • I’m strong.
  • I’m photogenic, dare I say, handsome.
  • My horn scares off bad guys.

My only shortcoming is that my tongue has trouble reaching some tempting branches.

It’s quite the tongue challenge.

If my tongue was just a little bit longer, I’d be perfect. 


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Back Scratch

It drives me crazy when my back itches.

That’s why I keep a collection of back scratchers on hand.

I got a laugh out of how this rhino found his own back scratcher.

He seemed to be saying, “Oooh, baby, that feels good.”


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Rhino Profile

When it comes to getting your picture taken, do you have a best side?

When I wanted to get a profile shot, this rhino showed me his best side. 


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Size of a Friend

Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Look closely at my little friend atop my back.

I provide my friend a buffet of tasty insects.

He does me the favor of removing irritating skin parasites.

I need more friends like that. 


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Crunchy Snack

My rhino friend and I both enjoy crunchy snacks.

Personally, I think my potato chips taste better than his twigs.

To be fair, I must admit that I haven’t tried his twigs and he hasn’t tried my potato chips.

We may never know if one of us could convince the other to switch snacks.

For now, it is, “to each his own.” 


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Plumb Tuckered Out

Have you ever been so exhausted that you simply fell down wherever you were and took a nap?

That’s what some people call, “plumb tuckered out.” 


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