Happy Snow Trails

One thing that bothers me about the snow is that I can’t have a good run.

When I try to run, I sink and get stuck.

Fortunately, I have a good dad.

Most dads shovel the sidewalk or driveway.

My dad shovels me a fun trail through the snow in our back yard. He’s the best!


Snow Dog

Okay, I know I am not big enough to help pull a sled.

My fur is not made for outdoor winter. weather.

Still, there’s something fun about being sprinkled all over with snow.

I can take run in the back yard and pretend that I am a real Snow Dog. 


See imagesbyvandyne on etsy.com for more photos.

Golly, It’s Cold

Snow always looks so inviting.

When the door opens, I dash out to enjoy myself.

Before long, I begin to get a chill.

Then I simply sit here and think to myself, “Golly, it’s cold.”


See imagesbyvandyne on etsy.com for more photos.