Soothing Waterfall

Admittedly, Missouri waterfalls aren’t as spectacular as those in Colorado or Oregon.

Consider that a small, gentle waterfall can be soothing.

Looking at this photo, can you imagine the soothing sound of water rushing over the rocks and lightly splashing.

Next, imagine the smell of fresh air and the feel of the mist rising up greet your face.

When it comes to waterfalls, bigger isn’t always better.


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Quiet Bridge

When I think of bridges, it’s not the spectacular tributes to human ingenuity that first come to mind.

It’s the old wooden bridges that I see.

There is something quiet and inviting about them.

They seem to be waiting for me to stroll across them. 


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Why I Enjoy Landscape Photography

by Malinda VanDyne

What about landscapes draws you to them?

Is it difficult to overcome the urge to kick off your shoes and run across a field of blooming clover? Does the sunlight dancing on a pool of water captivate you so much that you begin to walk toward it? I admit to thoughts like those.

Rather than lose control of the situation, I let my camera be my intermediary. If I can visually capture nature calling me, I not only avoid possible embarrassment, I create a means to relive the memory.


For instance, something about this curved waterfall mesmerized me. It was a challenge to my self-control to not dive into the water. My camera saved me. As I look at the ropey strands of water in the photo, my mind returns to the experience of gazing at the waterfall



Can you imagine the sensation of touching a fuzzy plant? That’s what my camera allowed me to do with this plant from a distance. Now, I have a memory to revisit with the bonus of knowing I did not damage the plant by touching it. 

This is why I enjoy landscape photography. I can appreciate nature without being intrusive. My reward is an assortment of photos that let me repeatedly enjoy nature.