Trapeze Artist in the Making

Generally, he is a low-key guy, but lately he’s been dreaming of joining a circus.

Have you ever thought it would be fun to join a circus? 


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Sneaky Stretch

This koala has learned a technique called the “sneaky stretch.”

It involves pretending that you are stretching while you sneak up on something you want.

It’s also a good way to conserve energy.

Instead of using your whole body to get something, you just slowly move one arm.

Try it. It’s fun!


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Koala Grip

The koala has opposable thumbs and toes to allow a tight grip when climbing.

They also have rough pads on the undersurface of their hands and feet to increase tractions while they climb.

That is fascinating, but my favorite thing about koalas is that they take a good photo. 


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