Joey Ride

How does this form of transportation appeal to you?

I’ve heard the expression, “Leave the driving to us,” but this takes it to another level.

I wonder how the Joey lets mom know which direction he wants to go.

Maybe he doesn’t get a say about his Joey Ride. 


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Hop To It

When someone tells me to, “Hop to it,” I take that to mean that I’m supposed to get busy with the task.

On the other hand, this kangaroo seems to hop to it for the sheer joy of it.

Perhaps I can learn something from him.


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Begin with One Little Climb

I’m sure, like me, you have some days when you’d rather stay in bed.

Our friend, the Tree Kangaroo, recommends that you begin each day with one little climb.

For you, that might mean to begin with one little climb out of bed.

If that’s all you can manage, at least, it’s a start. 


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They Tagged Me

Here’s what I thought this kangaroo was saying to me.

“When my humans said they were going to tag me, I thought they were inviting me to a game of tag.

That sounded like fun. What happened next was not what I expected.

Instead of a fun game, I got this weird thing on my ear.”


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