First Jog

What a pleasure to see a foal enjoy its premier jog.

Foals are awkward and curious about their surroundings.

They play until they get tired, then take a nap.

That sounds like a good plan to me. 


Horse Chow

It’s chow time.

You may think you enjoy roughage, but as horses, we exist on it.

If we have access to thick and lush grass, we don’t need hay or grain.

Without a place to graze, we need at least a quarter of a bale of hay a day. 


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Let’s Horse Around

Feeling the breeze swirl around me, I can barely contain my enthusiasm for the day.

The smell of the field invigorates me.

Can you beat me in a race?

Come on, mom, let’s horse around. 


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Prince of Eaters

This is Prince, a miniature horse.

His best features are that he is that he is smart, likes to have fun, and has excellent eyesight.

One short-coming is that he can’t control his appetite.

Please, no matter how much he begs for a second helping, don’t give it to him.


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I Can Already Taste It

When you are hungry and you see or smell something to eat,

your sense of taste may convince you that you can already taste it.

That seems to be happening here.


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