Camouflage Expert

I had to look closely with my zoom lens to find this sneaky little frog.


If you could blend in to look like something else, what would it be?

Would you like to look like:

  • a plant?
  • an animal?
  • a piece of furniture?
  • other ______?

How would you use your camouflage gift?

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Froggy Squatter

Look closely at who is peeking out from the doorway of this little home.

When I see a small house in a tree, I expect to see a bird at the door.

What is this frog doing there?

Did he find an unoccupied bird house and simply become a squatter?

What will happen if the former tenant returns? 


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Being Little

Try to imagine being so little that a leaf seems huge to you.

Your feet tingle at the sensation of the smooth, cool surface.

You marvel at the intricate veins i the leaf.

The wind gently moves the leaf. It’s your own personal roller coaster ride. 


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Blue Danger

I think of blue as a welcoming color.

In some cases, I would be wrong.

This Blue Poison Dart Frog secrets poison.

I’ll stay safely behind my camera.

I will not be tempted to touch it. 


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