Reindeer Wait List

As I was snapping a photo of this elk, the following story (from the elk’s perspective) popped into my head. 

Several months ago, I interviewed with Santa to be a member of his reindeer team.

He told me that, although I technically wasn’t a reindeer, I had many good qualities.

First of all, he was impressed with my strength.

When he checked my references, he discovered that I am dependable and hard-working.

Those are important qualities if you want to work for Santa.

Unfortunately, all the reindeer spots were already filled.

Santa put me on the Reindeer Wait List.

If one of the reindeer is unable to work Christmas Eve, I get to fill the vacancy.


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When was the last time you went wading?

It can be relaxing.

When taking this photo, I tried not to disturb the elk, but he heard me approaching.


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Are You Camera Shy?

As a photographer, I’ve discovered that some people and some animals are camera shy.

This is Elliot.

He wouldn’t look at the camera, but at least I got a photo of his antlers. 


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Back Off, Jack

What I thought my elk friend was telling with this look was,

“Usually, I’m a sociable guy, but sometimes, I just want everyone to leave me alone.

So, back off, Jack.” 


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Scratch My Back

This photo reminds me of the frustration of not being able to reach an itchy spot on my back.

It would be nice if someone was always there to scratch my back. 


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