Mud Bath

Have you ever had a mud bath?

The trusty internet tells me that mud baths relieve stress, soften your skin, and pull toxins out of your body.

How much mud does it take to give a mud bath to an elephant?


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Lumberjack Dream

When I grow up, I want to be a lumberjack.

To practice, I’m teaching myself to do log-rolling.

My biggest challenge has been to find another elephant willing to practice with me.

Then, of course, I’ll need to move the log to water.

Hmmm. This may be more difficult than I planned.

Maybe I need a new dream. 


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A Log in the Trunk Dilemma

I’m not sure what to do.

I picked up a log with my trunk and was content with it until I found a much bigger log.

Now what should I do?

Isn’t there a saying about “A log in the trunk is worth two in the sand pit?”

Should I keep the one I have or drop it and try for the bigger one?

That’s what I call a dilemma.

What would you do?


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Rock Climber

When you think of those who would make good rock climbers, you probably think of mountain goats or people.

It had never occurred to me that my camera might spot an elephant trying to be a rock climber. 


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Elephant UFO

It was a quiet day in the yard.

I was enjoying a mouthful of food, when something odd happened.

A strange green ball floated over my head.

There were different theories about what it might be.

Some of my friends said it was a UFO.

Others said it was a dispenser with surprise treats inside.

I was okay either way.

After lunch, I decided to investigate.

What do you think I discovered? 


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Escape Artist

Here’s what I thought I heard the elephant saying as I took his photo,

“They treat me well here, but I’m curious what there might be on the other side.

Besides, I view myself as an escape artist and I like a challenge.

I’ve watched a human latch this gate.

I think I can flip the latch and make my escape while he’s not looking.” 


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Over-sized Toothpick

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you get something stuck between your teeth?

My dentist cautioned me to be careful with toothpicks because they could damage my gums.

This photo made me wonder what the dentist would say about this over-sized toothpick. 


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