Lost My Marbles

Sometimes, I feel like I’ve lost my marbles.

Then again, sometimes my marbles are right there in front of me.

At least, that’s the message I got through my lens. 


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Purple Pepper Eater

Once upon a time there was a “one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater” which came to Earth because he wanted to be in a rock ’n’ roll band.

I said, “Mr. Purple People Eater what’s your line?”

He said, “Eating purple people, and it sure is fine.

But that’s not the reason that I came to land.

I wanna get a job in a rock ’n’ roll band.”

-Sheb Wooley

You may have heard this song. What you probably didn’t know is that he brought a pet with him. His pet is a Purple Pepper Eater. It’s similar to what we call a dragonfly. Instead of eating purple people, the pet eats purple peppers and has no desire to be in a rock ’n’ roll band.