Cheetah Tail

The primary purpose of the cheetah’s tail is to maintain balance when they run and make quick turns.

Some people think they also use their tails for signaling.

If so, what signal is this cheetah sending? 


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Once I’ve tracked you down, there is no escape.


This is one of those times when I am thankful for a barrier between the cheetah and me.

That confident, determined look is a bit spooky.

To me the angle of the tails adds to the overall ominous tone. 


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Big Yawn

Does my yawn make you want to yawn too? 

Why do we yawn? 

Usually, it happens when we are sleepy or tired.

It can also happen when we are bored. 

I read about some experiments that showed people and animals yawn more in cooler weather than in hot weather. Do you yawn more in cold weather than in hot weather?


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