The Fritillary butterfly is a distant cousin of the Monarch butterfly.

Its name comes from the Latin word “fritillus” which means chessboard.

Frankly, I don’t see how anyone would think this butterfly looks like a chessboard.

Perhaps those who name butterflies have a bigger sense of imagination than I do. 


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Monarch Name

The “trusty” internet told me that early North American settlers called this butterfly Monarch because of it regal orange appearance.

They named it in honor of King William, Prince of Orange. 


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Bring on the Cabbage!

This Cabbage Butterfly feeds on plants, especially cabbage and broccoli.

This photo suggests the butterfly is saying, “Bring on the Cabbage!”

If you grow cabbage, they are not your friend.

On the other hand, if you view cabbage as a yucky vegetable, they may be doing you a favor.


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Yellow Swallowtail

This appears to be an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail; however, it doesn’t have stripes like the ones I’ve seen in books.

If you are a butterfly expert, let me know.

Is this a different type of butterfly or just an odd member of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail family?


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Swallowtail Sculpture

I must admit, it was easier to take a photo of this butterfly than what I usually experience.

I didn’t have to hold still to not frighten it.

I didn’t have to wait for it to give me the angle I wanted.

Also, I didn’t have to use a special lens.

Ah, the advantage of Legos.


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Odd Butterfly

To me, the antenna coming out of the shoulder of this Lego butterfly seems odd.

On the other hand, this butterfly has an impressive 8-foot wingspan.

Sean Kenney used over 60,000 pieces on it and spent 4-months building it.

Overall, it’s an incredible sculpture.


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Butterfly Battle

My camera found a surprise.

It was a butterfly that appeared to have been in a battle.

That’s not something that had occurred to me.

To me, we’re beautiful, even with our imperfections. 


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Red Admiral

This is a Red Admiral butterfly.

Of course, I made the focus the butterfly.

I also captured some texture with the flower and the sparkle on the antenna. 


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Golden Birdwing

I felt fortunate to capture an image of a Golden Birdwing butterfly.

I can’t decide what is most appealing about them.

Is it their shape or pattern?

Those who named them must think they are shaped like bird wings.

To me, the shape resembles some type of stealth aircraft.

The pattern is striking on its own. 


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