The Bobcat is the most common wild cat in North America.

Their name comes from their short, bobbed tail.

They are only twice as big as an average-sized house cat. 


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She Threw Me to the Bobcats

As I was attempting to get a photo of the bobcats, the angle was not good from the viewing area.

Around the enclosure, there was a log fence.

Aunt Pam suggested I step up on the bottom rung of the fence to improve my view.

Tentatively, I placed my weight on the lowest log. It moved and I began to slip.

Did Aunt Pam cry out in alarm?

No, she laughed. I felt like she was throwing me to the bobcats.

Disclaimer: Even if I had fallen over the fence, the bobcats couldn’t have gotten me. They were behind a more secure inner enclosure. As you can see, my noisy attempt at a better view didn’t even wake them up from a nap. Still, it made a good story to say she threw me to the bobcats.