Matayo enrolled in the Dogwarts School. He was nervous about letting the sorting hat place him in one of the four houses. Dewclaw (curious, forward-looking, studious, avoid conflict) Pupplepuff (friendly, practical, avoid risk, avoid conflict) Wolfindor (daring, passionate, individualistic, defender) Howlin (daring, competitive, attention-seeking, confrontational) If you were the sorting hat, which house would you pick for Matayo?


If you are on the Easter Bunny’s special list, you might get something like this in your basket. Note: I am not edible. Handle with care.



















Nature is great, especially when someone else does all the work for me. All I have to do is ride in my little red wagon.



Matayo wanted to dress up for Thanksgiving. He had a difficult time deciding whether to wear his pilgrim suit or his Indian suit. I think the feathers had a big effect on his choice.

Doing laundry is not easy. That wash board wears me out. I’ve been working on trying to find something good in every situation. That’s called optimism. Let’s see, something good about laundry day, hmmm. On laundry day, I get to wear my bandana. That’s good. I know how to rock a bandana.



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