Harry Potter Forest

For some reason this walk in the forest made me think I would turn around and see Harry Potter any moment.  See imagesbyvandyne on for more photos.

Soothing Waterfall

Admittedly, Missouri waterfalls aren’t as spectacular as those in Colorado or Oregon. Consider that a small, gentle waterfall can be soothing. Looking at this photo, can you imagine the soothing sound of water rushing over the rocks and lightly splashing. Next, imagine the smell of […]

Quiet Bridge

When I think of bridges, it’s not the spectacular tributes to human ingenuity that first come to mind. It’s the old wooden bridges that I see. There is something quiet and inviting about them. They seem to be waiting for me to stroll across them.  […]

Bridge to Nowhere

Do you remember the big hoopla over a “bridge to nowhere” in the news several years ago? This bridge reminded me of that. It may go nowhere; however it is much more affordable than the one in the news. Also, in my opinion, it has […]

Kansas Waterfall

When you think of waterfalls, I bet you don’t think of Kansas. Take a look at this Kansas waterfall. It did have a little human help, but I think it counts.  See imagesbyvandyne on for more photos.

Sister Bridges

Why would someone build two bridges close together? There doesn’t seem to be enough traffic to justify two bridges. Maybe one bridge was lonely and they built a sister bridge for companionship.  See imagesbyvandyne on for more photos.

Appreciate a Snow Storm?

If you have no need to use roads or sidewalks, you may find much to appreciate about a snow storm. Which of these can you appreciate about snow storms?  The sense of quiet and tranquility that occurs when snow covers everything. Recreational opportunities such as […]

Bridge Perspective

It’s fun to look at bridges from different perspectives. This gave me the sensation of looking off into the distance and imaging the possibilities. What does the future hold?  See imagesbyvandyne on for more photos.

Ride the River

This scene reminded me of the J.J. Cale song, “Ride the River.” Floatin’ down that old river, boy  All my worries far behind  Floatin’ down that old river, boy  Leave old memories way behind  Yesterday is slowly fadin’  All my life I’ve been waitin’  For […]

Tree Sculpture

Have you ever looked up at the clouds and seen shapes? For me, nature is a form of art. As with other forms of art, we see different things when we look at them. To me, this tree looks like an elephant. My Aunt Pam […]

Low-Traffic Bridge

I’m fascinated with bridges of all shapes and sizes. What I like about this one is the sound of my feet on the wooden slats, the trees all around me creating interesting shadows, and the low-traffic providing me with some quiet time.  See imagesbyvandyne on […]

Waterfall Delights the Senses

I’ve always liked the way a photo can capture a waterfall. I look at this and remember the sound of the water splashing, the sight of the sunlight dancing off the water droplets, and the smell of the damp rock. Waterfalls delight my senses. For […]


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