Surfer Dude Dream

It was a sweltering night and Matayo woke up drenched in sweat.

He had been dreaming of taking a trip to the coast and trying his skills at being a Surfer Dude.

Now, fully awake, he realized it wasn’t a realistic dream, though it was fun to imagine. 


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Easter Bunny’s Assistant

For another one of my Community Service tasks, I agreed to serve as the Easter Bunny’s assistant.

I volunteer my time and do any tasks the Easter Bunny gives me.

I expect nothing in return except knowing that I help bring smiles to some children’s faces.

There is the possibility that I might get some treats, though.


Community Service

In our family, we look around our community to see if there’s someone we can do to be helpful.

I’m not well suited to sorting food at the local food bank.

The soup kitchen told me I wasn’t a good fit for their needs.

Finally, the idea occurred to me that I have more toys than I need.

I decided to donate some of them to the local animal shelter (after mom agreed to keep buying me new ones).


Happy Snow Trails

One thing that bothers me about the snow is that I can’t have a good run.

When I try to run, I sink and get stuck.

Fortunately, I have a good dad.

Most dads shovel the sidewalk or driveway.

My dad shovels me a fun trail through the snow in our back yard. He’s the best!


Snow Dog

Okay, I know I am not big enough to help pull a sled.

My fur is not made for outdoor winter. weather.

Still, there’s something fun about being sprinkled all over with snow.

I can take run in the back yard and pretend that I am a real Snow Dog. 


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