About Me

Most of us struggle to make sense of this world. For me, it helps to focus my attention on one small thing at a time. The first time I looked at the world through the lens of a camera, I knew it was a way for me to remove distractions and appreciate one thing at a time. Whether it’s a view of my beloved pet, Matayo, or an intriguing architectural feature on a building, my camera helps me focus.

Sometimes, I catch a scene that makes me marvel at our natural urge to communicate across boundaries. When we don’t share language, we make simple gestures of friendship. This one is between a human and a young orangutan. It reminds me of the idea of extending an olive branch to show goodwill. Wasn’t it Solomon who told us that to have friends, we must first show ourselves to be friendly¬†Pro 18:24¬†? When you don’t have an olive branch, you can simply use whatever is available.